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King Edgar of Scotland (1097 - 1107)

Name: King Edgar of Scotland
Father: Malcolm III, King of Scotland
Mother: Margaret, daughter of Edward the Aetheling son of Edmund II of England
Relation to Charles III: 26th great-granduncle
House of: Canmore
Born: c. 1072/74
Ascended to the throne: October, 1097
Married: Did not marry
Children: none
Died: January 8, 1107, in Dundee or at Edinburgh Castle
Buried at: Dunfermline Abbey, Fife
Succeeded by: his brother Alexander

Edgar (Étgar mac Maíl Choluim) was the 3rd son of Malcolm III. In 1097 King William II of England helped Edgar depose his uncle Donald and brother Edmund from the Scottish throne. His treaty with Magnus ‘Barefoot’ in 1098 allowed the Norse to regain many of the Western Isles. The marriage of his sister Edith to Henry I of England in 1100 brought peace and encouraged the settlement of Anglo Normans in the Scottish lowlands.

Edgar moved the royal residence from Dunfermline to Edinburgh. He died unmarried and was succeeded by his brothers Alexander and David.

Timeline for King Edgar of Scotland

Year Event
1097Edgar deposes his uncle Donald and brother Edmund and becomes king
1098Edgar cedes the Western Isles to Magnus Barefoot
1100Edith known as Matilda, daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland, marries King Henry I of England.
1107Edgar dies and is succeeded by his younger brother, Alexander I