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King Aedh of Scotland (877 - 878)

Name: King Aedh of Scotland
Father: King Kenneth I
Mother: unknown
House of: MacAlpin
Ascended to the throne: 877
Married: unknown
Children: Constantine II, Donald (king of Strathclyde)
Died: 878, killed by his cousin Giric at Strathallan
Buried at: probably at Maiden Stone, Aberdeenshie
Succeeded by: his nephew Eochaid

Aedh (Áed mac Cináeda) was the brother of Constantine I and son of Kenneth I. He was king for barely a year before he was killed by his cousin Giric at Strathallan, North of Stirling. Giric became a major influence in the reign of Aedh’s nephew Eochaid.

Timeline for King Aedh of Scotland

Year Event
878Kenneth MacAlpin's son Áedh killed; Eochaid becomes king.