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King Harold I Harefoot (1035 - 1040)

Name: King Harold I Harefoot
Born: c.1016
Parents: Cnut and Elfigfu
Relation to Charles III: 29th great-granduncle
House of: Denmark
Ascended to the throne: November 12, 1035
Crowned: 1037 at Oxford, aged c.28
Married: Unmarried
Children: None
Died: March 17, 1040 at Oxford
Buried at: Westminster reburied Southwark
Reigned for: 4 years, 4 months, 4 days
Succeeded by: his half brother Harthacnut

King of England from 1035. The illegitimate son of Canute, known as Harefoot, he claimed the crown on the death of his father, when the rightful heir, his half-brother Harthacnut, was in Denmark and unable to ascend the throne. He was elected king in 1037, but died three years later, as Harthacnut was preparing to invade England.

Timeline for King Harold I Harefoot

Year Event
1035Canute's illegitimate son Harold Harefoot usurps the throne from his half-brother, Harthacanute, the rightful heir who is away fighting in Denmark.