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King Edward V (1483)

Name: King Edward V
Born: November 4, 1470 at Westminster
Parents: Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville
Relation to Charles III: 14th great-granduncle
House of: York
Ascended to the throne: April 9, 1483 aged 12 years
Crowned: Not crowned
Married: Never Married
Children: None
Died: September, 1483 at Tower of London (murdered), aged 12 years, 9 months, and 27 days
Buried at: Tower of London
Reigned for: 4 months, 23 days
Succeeded by: his uncle Richard III

King of England 1483. Son of Edward IV, he was deposed three months after his accession in favour of his uncle (Richard III), and is traditionally believed to have been murdered (with his brother) in the Tower of London on Richard's orders.

King Edward V's Signature

Timeline for King Edward V

Year Event
1483On the death of Edward, the crown passes to his 12 year old son, Edward V
1483Edward is declared illegitimate and deposed in favour of his uncle Richard Duke of Gloucester.
1483Edward and his younger brother Richard of York are imprisoned in the Tower of London. After a few months the princes are never seen again and are believed to have been murdered.