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King Edgar (959 - 975)

Name: King Edgar
Born: c.943
Parents: Edmund and Elgiva
Relation to Charles III: 30th great-grandfather
House of: Wessex
Ascended to the throne: October 1, 959
Crowned: May 11, 973 at Bath Abbey, aged c.30
Married: (1) Ethelfleda, (2) Elfrida
Children: 3 sons including Edward and Ethelred, 1 illegitimate daughter
Died: July 8, 975 at Winchester
Buried at: Glastonbury
Reigned for: 15 years, 9 months, 6 days
Succeeded by: his son Edward

King of all England from 959. He was the younger son of Edmund I, and strove successfully to unite English and Danes as fellow subjects. In 973 Edgar of England marched his army north to Chester. His navy meets him there via the Irish Sea. This show of strength persuades the Northern Kings to submit to his overlordship. Legend says he is rowed across the Dee by Kings Kenneth of Alba, Malcolm of the Cumbrians, Magnus of Man & the Isles, Donald of Strathclyde, Iago of Gwynedd, Princes Hywel of Gwynedd, Ithel and Siferth .

He recalled St. Dunstan from exile and made him Archbishop of Canterbury and his closest personal advisor. His reign was prosperous and peaceful and he is generally credited with the revival of the English church.

Timeline for King Edgar

Year Event
959Edgar King of Mercia and Northumbria becomes King of all England.
965Westminster Abbey is founded
973Northern Kings submit to Edgar at Chester
975Edgar dies at Winchester