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Royal Mail Stamp Covers

Britroyals Books & Posters - Movies - Stamp covers

These outstanding Covers and Royal Mail Postage Stamp sheets celebrating British Royal History are produced by Buckingam Covers. They feature Royal Mail stamps postmarked on the issue or anniversary date. Some are available with genuine signatures signed by famous people. Only a limited number are available. They are ideal for collectors, as presents and for mounting in frames.

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This stamp sheet was issued on 21 April 2009 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII who became King on 21 April 1509. It features his warship The Mary Rose.

500 years ago Henry VIII commissioned what was to become his favourite ship The Mary Rose. She was the Flagship and Pride of the Fleet and served her King well but, on 19th July 1545, she met her end during her final battle and was lost to the bottom of the sea.

What caused her sinking is unclear. Some claim it was as a result of a hit from French canon, others claim it was due to an unruly crew and a bout of dysentry! A more recent theory claims that the majority of the crew were from Mediterranean Europe, so their English probably wasn't too good - this would have meant they didn't understand the command to close the gun ports as the ship made a sharp turn. As a result the ship flooded with water and she was doomed to sink to the bottom of the sea, taking most of her crew with her. Whatever the cause, she lay untouched for nearly 300 years before divers John and Charles Deane discovered her.

It was another 100 years before a further attempt to find her was launched. Finally, in 1978, it was decided that the Mary Rose should be excavated. The following year The Mary Rose Trust was formed. Full time staff were employed to carry out the work under the guidance of Dr Margaret Rule CBE and they were helped by over 600 volunteer divers, plus many more people on the shore.

On 11th October, 1982, the remains of the hull was painstakingly raised, inch by inch, to be seen for the first time since that fatal day when she went down. She now resides in The Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth, along with an astonishing collection of artefacts that were recovered from the sea bed.

The sheet features a dramatic illustration of the ship in battle and the Mary Rose labels are accompanied by stamps featuring the White Ensign flag.

These sheets are so irresistible that we know many of you will frame them for the wall. That way, they also make stunning presents.

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