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Royal Mail Stamp Covers

Britroyals Books & Posters - Movies - Stamp covers

These outstanding Covers and Royal Mail Postage Stamp sheets celebrating British Royal History are produced by Buckingam Covers. They feature Royal Mail stamps postmarked on the issue or anniversary date. Some are available with genuine signatures signed by famous people. Only a limited number are available. They are ideal for collectors, as presents and for mounting in frames.

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This cover was issued on 21 April 2009 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII who became King on 21 April 1509. It features his warship The Mary Rose and is a limited edition so order yours now. Covers are available signed by Dr Margaret Rule CBE who led the project that excavated and raised the Tudor warship in 1982.

500 years ago Henry VIII commissioned what was to become his favourite ship to be built. Pride of the English Fleet, The Mary Rose is the only 16th Century warship on display anywhere in the world.

It’s thought she was named after Henry’s favourite sister, Mary, and the Tudor emblem, the Rose. With an impressive 78 guns, she was one of the first Tudor warships to be able to fire a full broadside of cannons. Tragically, she came to an abrupt end in July 1545, when she accidentally sank in the Solent during an engagement with the French fleet.

The Mary Rose Trust was formed in 1979 and under the direction of Dr Margaret Rule CBE, an archeological team began the painstaking work to excavate the wreck.

On 11 October 1982 the remains of the Mary Rose were lifted from the water by a team led by the Royal Engineers. An astonishing collection of well-preserved artefacts were also recovered, which are displayed with the ship at the Mary Rose museum. The wrecksite remains protected today even after the lifting of the majority of the remaining ship timbers.

This cover has been specially designed to go with the House of Tudor miniature sheet issued by Royal Mail on 21st April 2009 and is cancelled with our official Mary Rose Trust / Portsmouth postmark.

It is produced together with the The Mary Rose Trust and a limited number are available signed by Dr Margaret Rule CBE who led the project that excavated and raised the Tudor warship Mary Rose in 1982.

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