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Royal Mail Stamp Covers

Britroyals Books & Posters - Movies - Stamp covers

These outstanding Covers and Royal Mail Postage Stamp sheets celebrating British Royal History are produced by Buckingam Covers. They feature Royal Mail stamps postmarked on the issue or anniversary date. Some are available with genuine signatures signed by famous people. Only a limited number are available. They are ideal for collectors, as presents and for mounting in frames.

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2013 sees us celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation. This beautiful cover features the Coronation Procession travelling down the Mall from Westminster to Buckingham Palace, following the Coronation in 1953.

This beautiful cover features four labels taken from our Coronation Anniversary stamp sheet

With a 1st class Royal Seal stamp cancelled with a specially designed London SW1 postmark (2nd June, 2013)

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2nd June 1953 amid nationwide celebration. Even the rain could not dampen the spirit of the occasion, as people all over the country threw street parties, decorated their towns and villages. Nor did it deter an estimated 3 million people from lining the streets of London. Many had even braved the awful weather and camped out on the streets overnight for their glimpse of the Queen’s procession in the Gold State Coach from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. Television sales had also risen, ensuring people could watch all the events in the comfort of their own homes after a controversial decision to televise the Coronation ceremony.

The crowning ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey at 11am, with more than 8000 guests attending. Her Majesty took the Coronation Oath and was then handed the four symbols of authority - the orb, the sceptre, the rod of mercy and the royal ring of sapphire and rubies.The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Geoffrey Fisher, lowered St Edward’s crown on to the Queen’s head to complete the ceremony. A shout of "God Save the Queen" was heard and gun salutes were fired as crowds cheered and the Archbishop and fellow bishops then paid homage to Queen Elizabeth II.

The newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by her husband and Consort, Prince Philip, progressed through the throngs of people lining the route back to Buckingham Palace. The royal family including the Queen Mother appeared on the balcony for a RAF fly past and the celebration concluded with a spectacular display of fire works over the Victoria Embankment.

In 2012 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her diamond jubilee, a feat only achieved by one other monarch in British history, her great great grandmother Queen Victoria. In celebration a new portrait of Her Majesty has been commissioned by Royal Mail, just unveiled in their commemorative stamp issue, HM Queen - Sixty years of Royal portraits.

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