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Title: William and Kate    Product ref: BR1015

Description: This special souvenir guide on William and Kate celebrates a genuinely romantic, true love match between Britainís most famous and popular couple and is the must-have souvenir of the royal engagement. Lavishly illustrated with over 80 photographs, the book reveals the public and private faces of the betrothed young royals: their seven-year friendship and romantic courtship, their shared interests and their opinions of each other, family backgrounds, careers, social life and, not least, their hopes, dreams and aspirations for a long, happy future. As they take their first steps towards married life the eyes of the world are watching this thoroughly modern couple who will one day become king and queen and who are now the image of a thoroughly modern monarchy.
With a foreword by royal biographer Brian Hoey.

Author: Annie Bullan    ISBN: 978-0-85372-895-5    Publisher: Pitkin
Format: Paperback 280x210mm    Pages: 64 in Full Color

Price: USD $9.60    Postage & Packing: USD $12.50
Availability: 3 in Stock    Dispatch: By Royal Mail 1st class post or airmail.

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