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Title: Coats of Arms    Product ref: BR1007

Description: Coats of Arms, Heraldry, Badges and Banners. Andrew Jamieson: 'As the author and illustrator of this work, my aim was to present the complicated 'science' of heraldry in a colourful, easily understood way. Coats of Arms whilst not being a heavyweight scholastic work, does contain the essence of this vast, complicated and romantic subject. The result is a highly colourful guide and I hope that the book gives as much pleasure as I had producing the text and the illustrations. Enjoy!'

Author: Andrew Stewart Jamieson    ISBN: 978-0-85372-870-2    Publisher: Pitkin
Format: Paperback 240x172mm    Pages: 28 in Full Color

Price: USD $9.60    Postage & Packing: USD $12.50

Availability: Sorry, out of Stock

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