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Title: King John and the Magna Carta    Product ref: BR1026

Description: John became king in 1199 and although all medieval kings had constantly to worry about financial issues, it is the inept way that John dealt with his that caused so much resentment. John lost his military campaigns; he was corrupt, indulged in blackmail, and manipulated the justice system more than any other king. He was a womaniser and rumours of ruthlessness surrounded him. The author provides fascinating insights into Johnís rule, which ultimately leads to the story of Magna Carta. Magna Carta placed huge impositions on the king; now he could no longer rule arbitrarily but only in accordance with Ďthe law of the landí. The impact of this precedence remains with us today. Among the charterís clauses are those that focus on more mundane matters and ones that can seem to reflect the narrow interests of the barons demanding it, from standardising measures of wine, ale and corn to a whole range of references to feudal issues. Some clauses, however, have made it onto the statute books of today.

Author: Sean McGlynn     ISBN: 978-1-84165-604-5    Publisher: Pitkin
Format: Paperback 240x172mm    Pages: 33 in Full Color

Price: USD $9.60    Postage & Packing: USD $12.50
Availability: 6 in Stock    Dispatch: By Royal Mail 1st class post or airmail.

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